1960 : Scientists Blamed Growth Of Antarctic Ice Sheet On Global Warming

In 1960, scientists explained how global warming made the Antarctic ice sheet grow.

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TimesMachine: August 4, 1960 – NYTimes.com

Now scientists explain that global warming makes the Antarctic ice sheet shrink.

Satellites measure Antarctica is … losing land ice at an accelerating rate which has implications for sea level rise.

the ice sheets are sensitive to warming temperatures and are going to cause significant sea level rise over this century (and beyond).

Is Antarctica losing or gaining ice?

Global warming is truly amazing, in that it can simultaneously produce all possible outcomes.

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13 Responses to 1960 : Scientists Blamed Growth Of Antarctic Ice Sheet On Global Warming

  1. Steve Case says:

    Absolute knowledge of the future guarantees absolute power. The perfect scam.

  2. Menicholas says:

    AGW also seems to have the amazing ability to disprove, without evidence, any questions or contentions made by anyone who is skeptical of any part of the hoa… I mean notion.

  3. BrendanBrandon says:

    The same claim has been made by a few commenters at WUWT. And there is a plausible descriptive story about how warmer temperatures (in a cold environment) could deposit more snow, but the plausibility is strained if for the last few years you’ve been citing a loss of ice as a proof of warming. Let’s put it this way: how would you explain all this to a polar bear? Is the polar bear threatened or rescued by warmer weather? Answer: yes.

  4. emsnews says:

    It is worse! This means, now that the ice is growing rapidly down south again…in 1960, the scientists thought the world would get hotter and hotter but then, even as it was still warm up by the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and America, cold was setting in and voila: we slid into a very cold cycle.

    We see this today, the same process. The idea that things don’t happen at the same time, doesn’t occur to the crooks running our meteorological systems. They refuse to figure this out!

    By the way, a massive Nor’easter is brewing and we will have this terrible blizzard and then it will be well below zero for many of us.

  5. GeologyJim says:

    Note with some irony that 55 years ago they surmised “such a climate change [warming] MIGHT increase the volume of moisture laden air …”

    So after nearly a half-century of research, modelling, and cost of tens of Billions, they still don’t know JACK

    … but they MIGHT be right. Yeah, sure.

    The stupid is strong in these ones

  6. Antarctica is gaining 33 gigatons a year, Antarctica is losing 60 gigatons a year, Antarctica is gaining 20 gigatons a year.

    People, listen to me. Antarctica has 29,000,000 gigatons of land ice. Arguing about a gig here and a gig there is like arguing about whether Donald Trump dropped another hair this year or grew a new one.

    Oh wait. Not Donald Trump. Bad example.

    • emsnews says:

      He grows hair all the time unlike any male before in history so..WE ARE DOOMED!

      Solution: do not visit Atlantic City. L)

  7. SMS says:

    Your picture is of the Russian ship being used for Antarctic research caught in ice last year. The scientists on board were telling everyone that Antarctic ice was disappearing at a rate never seen before. It was horrendously funny.


  8. JeffK says:

    Nobody traveled to the poles during the last ice age, and there weren’t satellites. Do we must rely on ice cores and logic.
    Not up on ice cores myself (your input welcome), but it’s logical during an ice age the increased area of colder air would increase ice on both land and sea areas. And the dropping temps over the poles would reduce humidity and cause ice sublimation. So the effect we’re seeing today — less polar ice but increased sub-polar ice– is due to global cooling, or a mini ice age.

  9. roaldjlarsen says:

    Reblogged this on Roald j. Larsen.

  10. ralphcramdo says:

    And as I pull my ice trays out of the 400 degree oven and have no ice I ask myself “what the hell is wrong with those climate scientists”?

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