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A Classic Example Of Climate Fraud By The Union Of Concerned Scientists

The United States is already experiencing more intense rain and snow storms. As the Earth warms, the amount of rain or snow falling in the heaviest one percent of storms has risen nearly 20 percent on average in the United … Continue reading

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Gavin’s Hockey Stick of Data Tampering

The hockey stick was created largely by altering historical data. The graph below shows how Gavin has altered his own global surface temperatures by 0.4 C, just since 2003.  2003 : FigA.txt 2014 : Fig.A.txt The shape is not accidental. By pushing most of … Continue reading

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Texas Sized Data Tampering

Some of the most impressive NCDC climate fraud is done in Texas, where they turn a long term cooling trend into an out of control warming trend. So far, Texas is having their coldest year on record.  

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What If Defense Contractors Did What Gavin And Tom Do?

I write signal processing software, which is used by government spy agencies to track our enemies’ phone conversations. It is imperative that the signal be accurately and precisely portrayed. That is the exact opposite of what Gavin and Tom do, which … Continue reading

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Heatwave Of January 1905 At Marble Bar

The hottest temperature ever recorded at Marble Bar was 121 F on January 11, 1905. That month averaged 110 F.

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Guardian Again Censors IPCC Lead Author

The Guardian publishes blatant Dana Nuttercelli climate fraud nearly every day, but censors an IPCC lead author

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January Temperatures In Maryland Plummeting

Over the past 25 years, January temperatures in Maryland have dropped nearly three degrees C. This has been one of the worst cycling months I can remember – continuous ice on the bike paths.

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Before They Could Create The Hockey Stick, They Had To Get Rid Of The Post-1940 Cooling

The post 1940 cooling wrecked the hockey stick, so government climate scientists realized that they would have to make it disappear, in order to keep their funding coming in. From: Tom Wigley <wigley@ucar.edu> To: Phil Jones <p.jones@uea.ac.uk> Subject: 1940s Date: Sun, … Continue reading

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Watching Barack Obama’s Attempted Coup

Keeping an eye on Barack Obama’s Goebbel’s style propaganda campaign. There has never been any survey or study which even remotely supports this idea.  Only 52% of American Meteorological Society members believe that global warming is primarily due to humans, … Continue reading

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Sometimes When You Are Saving The Planet, You Have To Make Up 100% Fraudulent Data

Gavin didn’t like all that cooling from 1940 to 1980 in Iceland, so he simply made it disappear. 2014 : Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis 2012 : Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

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