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52 Degrees Of Cooling In DC Since 1998

On January 8, 1998 the low temperature in Laurel, MD was 58F. This year it is 6F. A cooling of 52 degrees over the last 17 years. The last two years have been among the coldest on record.

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Australia Is Not Warming And The Hottest Year Was 1998

I expanded the RSS TLT temperature analysis to cover 25 randomly chosen grid cells. Australia has had many warmer years, and is no warmer now than it was 35 years ago.   Click on the map to see the grid … Continue reading

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Record Cold In Maryland

January 8 minimum temperatures in Maryland have been dropping since 1895, with 2013 and 2014 being the first pair of consecutive years below 0F. It also appears that today will have the coldest January 8 afternoon on record in Maryland.

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Fixed It

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Religious Fanatics Call For Death To Blasphemers

Professor Calls for Death Penalty for Climate Change ‘Deniers’ It is as inevitable as the rising of the sun; the Left, when thwarted in their quest for power, suggests the use of lethal force to compel those who disagree. Articles: … Continue reading

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