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Powerful Stupidity Overcomes The White House And Scientific American

Powerful Global Warming Pollution Cut by New U.S. Rules – Scientific American Radiative transfer models used in climate models show that 2 PPM methane has almost no effect on Earth’s radiative balance, and that even a 10X increase would have … Continue reading

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Commander In Chief Polls Just Above Isis With The US Military

AMERICA’S MILITARY: A conservative institution’s uneasy cultural evolution

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Fraud Or Incompetence : You Decide

Study: Sea level rise accelerating more than once thought By SETH BORENSTEIN WASHINGTON — The world’s oceans are now rising far faster than they did in the past, a new study says. The study found that for much of the 20th … Continue reading

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Ice Free Maryland Update

Experts say that the Arctic is ice free, but here in the Washington DC area we are frozen solid.

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Global Warming Continues To Hit The US Hard

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Climate Experts To The Rescue In 1974

In 1974, climate experts at the National Academy of Sciences wanted to evacuate six million people, to save them from global cooling NYTimes.com

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Expert Forecast Update

It has been 15 years since leading British experts announced the demise of snow. Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past Monday 20 March 2000 According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research … Continue reading

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Senate Democrats Ramping Up The Climate Fraud To Spectacular New Levels

Senator Sanders says that scientists are “virtually unanimous” that humans are already causing devastating climate change. Bernie Sanders Wrecks Republican Plans By Offering Climate Change Amendment To Keystone XL Republicans need to demand that he produce evidence to back his wildly … Continue reading

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