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Nothing Ever Changes Under The Sun

People always imagine that the climate is changing, and that the current weather is the most extreme ever. It is a psychological defect, and has nothing to do with CO2. 10 Jan 1871 – IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE. (Pall Mall … Continue reading

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Understanding Obama’s View Of Torture

Waterboarding terrorists is very, very bad, but Saudi Arabia torturing bloggers and executing gays seems to be not a problem.

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Scientists Discover That Mann-Made CO2 Is The Cause Of Geology

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Forecast The Facts!

Deniers need to stop denying the fact that unprecedented climate change not only causes record snowstorms, but it also causes garden variety snowstorms which were incorrectly forecast due to unprecedented climate change which wrecked the models. 97% of scientists agree that … Continue reading

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1000 Snow Days In DC This Month

Unprecedented global warming has brought us 1000 snowy days so far this month, or if you prefer hexadecimal the count is 0x8.

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One Year Since The New York Times Announced The End Of Snow

I was floored by how much snow had already disappeared from the planet, not to mention how much was predicted to melt in my lifetime The End of Snow? – NYTimes.com Winter snow cover has soared to record levels over … Continue reading

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Nothing To See Here – Move Along

During the last two weeks, dictator Obama snubs France, snubs Israel, announces that Republicans are enemies of the children, brags about low gas costs, shuts down Alaska oil, and then hops on a plane to Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the press pretends that nothing … Continue reading

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Shock News : It Snows When It Is Cold

The usual group of government funded criminals are out in force tonight, claiming that an overheated atmosphere is causing the snow. As always, they are lying. New England is having one of their coldest winters on record.   US Winter temperatures have … Continue reading

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