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Satellite Denier Brags About Satellites

This guy doesn’t believe satellite temperatures, then tells me that Gavin knows 1970’s temperatures better than the National Academy of Sciences did in the 1970s.

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When Studying Temperature History, Old Temperatures Are Meaningless

Apparently Gavin went back in time and took new measurements. Do alarmists have any idea how irrational they are?

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Just How Stupid Are These People?

One day after Gavin is quoted as predicting at least five more years of pause, Mikey pats Gavin on the back for saying the pause is dead. What are these people smoking?

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Government Climate Expert Needed – No Math Skills Is A Plus

NCDC has no data for half of the land surface on the planet, but was able to calculate a record temperature by a couple hundredths of a degree. 201412.gif (990×765) How did these math flunkees make it past high school, and … Continue reading

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As Expected – Republicans Are Completely Useless

Republicans have hired consultants to help them come up with unified talking points on global warming,according to a report by the Washington Examiner. But could this be the GOP giving up the climate debate? “They’re going to try to drag … Continue reading

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No New Udalls

Colorado successfully purged their Udall carpetbagger in November, but New Mexico is still plagued by one. Last week Tom Udall announced that global warming had destroyed the state – as they prepare for more heavy snow.

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Gaia Responds To Obama With Four Snow Days In DC This Week

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Continues Near A Decadal High

Arctic sea ice extent was at or near a decadal high for most of the last two months of 2014, and after a brief hiatus (and sensor error yesterday) is back near that position again.   Ocean and Ice Services … Continue reading

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More On The 2014 Big Lie To Be Presented By Obama Tonight

The official Obama propaganda outlets use imagery like this to describe the “record heat” of 2014 Satellites show that last year wasn’t anywhere near a record year globally, but one country which did record its warmest average temperature was France. However, it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Gavin Says The Pause Which He Didn’t Predict And Doesn’t Exist, May Continue For 10 More Years

Pause Over Within 10 Years Says NASA’s Schmidt

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