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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

Being a progressive means linking any two pieces of unrelated information together to justify your need to control other people. Check out this piece of progressive logic.

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Maybe They Grew A Brain

Last week I wrote this : If the Republican leadership had any brains, they would seize the initiative about shutting down Obama’s dictatorship. Make clear they will not put up with it Make clear that his executive actions are illegal … Continue reading

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US Having 10th Coldest January On Record

So far this month, the US is having its 10th coldest January on record, and the coldest since 1982

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Any Questions?

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Aggie Joke Update

In 2011, A&M’s Andrew Dessler said Texas would be hot and dry for the rest of the century. Texas is vulnerable to warming climate ANDREW DESSLER , HOUSTON CHRONICLE | July 10, 2011 The weather of the 21st century will … Continue reading

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What A Difference Twelve Minutes Makes On The Internet


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Shock News : A Senator Doing His Job

JANUARY 13, 2015 12:00 AM What Not Even the King of England Could Do A federal researcher points out George III couldn’t suspend laws — as many say Obama just did. …….. Republicans up for reelection in Democratic-leaning states worry … Continue reading

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Bad Graphs From Last Night

Last night I posted graphs showing record January cold in Texas and Maryland. I pulled those posts because I did not generate the underlying data using the correct parameters. Here are the correct graphs  

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Justice In Albuquerque

In 1994, the Albuquerque Police killed a man about twenty yards away from me and my family. They fired in our direction into a car on the other side of I-25. The Albuquerque police are famous for killing people. Finally, something … Continue reading

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Three Years After Aurora – Still Silence

The Aurora shooter was a very bright kid, who entered a drug induced alternate reality graduate study program at the University of Colorado. Over a period of a few months, he went completely psychotic, thought he was a cartoon character, … Continue reading

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