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He Was Against Regime Change Before He Was For Regime Change

Progressives say they are against regime change, which is why they have tried to destabilize and overthrow almost every leader in the Middle East and a few in Asia over the past six years.

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A Tale Of Two Tonies, And Another Tony And Jimmy And John

When the Russians invaded Afghanistan in 1980, a friend named Tony from Santa Fe snuck into Afghanistan as a freelance photographer for Life Magazine. He was captured by the Soviets. I wrote a letter to John McCain about it to, … Continue reading

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Good Deeds From 35 Years Ago

This is what Afghanistan looked like before Russia invaded, and the US hired Osama bin Laden to drive them out This is what Iran looked like before Jimmy Carter brought them social justice, and ran off the Shah. Look how … Continue reading

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White House Reaches An Agreement With The Muslim Brotherhood

Today’s news People in Egypt would not be surprised.

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Another Very Cold Month In The US

Before data tampering by NCDC, the past two years were both well below average temperature in the US 2015 is also starting out very cold, with 33 of 48 states below normal temperature and many more than 8 degrees below … Continue reading

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The One Who Must Not Be Named

Lots of press coverage coming out about evidence of temperature data tampering. But there is one researcher who must not be named. I used to ride the train from London to Cambridge frequently. It normally leaves King’s Cross on platform … Continue reading

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Spectacular Climate Fraud From The White House

This White House document is a textbook example of Soviet style propaganda downloads.globalchange.gov/usimpacts/pdfs/national.pdf Lets look at this one claim at a time U.S. average temperature has risen more than 2ºF over the past 50 years and is projected to rise more … Continue reading

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2014 Was The Least Hot Year On Record In The US

Two thirds of the US was below normal temperature last summer. Current Climate Summary Maps – Powered by ACIS – High Plains Regional Climate Center The percentage of US HCN stations which reached 90 degrees in 2014, was the smallest … Continue reading

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NCDC Fraud Visualization For The Evening

NCDC claims that more of the US is hot now than during the 1930’s. This is one of the biggest lies the climate scamsters have come up with yet.

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