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Dangerous Associations

Karen Carpenter died because she made a nonsensical association between something essential (food) and something harmful. Barack Obama is working hard to create a nonsensical association between fossil fuels and something harmful. The end game is the same. Society can’t function … Continue reading

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January Snow Becoming Much More Widespread Around Washington DC

Ten years ago, half of Maryland typically didn’t receive January snow. Now snow covers the entire state almost every January. This is the exact opposite of what experts predicted.

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The Insidious Trickery Of Gaia

Experts say that global warming causes Arctic sea ice to shrink, and Antarctic sea ice to grow. Thanks to an insidious trick by Gaia, they balance out to zero over the past three years – and could fool a sane person … Continue reading

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Superbowl Faces Permanent Drought

Four years after Joe Romm announced the permanent drought, the southwest is getting slammed with one rain and snow storm after another.

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Gaia Sends A Message To Hussein

Joe Bastardi just tweeted this. Look at the snow forecast for Washington DC

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Obama Refers To Himself 118 Times In 33 Minutes

Earlier today, Obama delivered a farewell speech in New Delhi, wrapping up his trip to India. The speech was only 33 minutes long, and yet…Barack managed to work in references to himself no fewer than 118 times Our Self-Obsessed President … Continue reading

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UHI In Las Cruces, New Mexico

Bob Endlich sent over these graphs showing some temperature cross sections he took through Las Cruces, New Mexico. They show very clearly 3-4 degrees of urban warming in the center of the city.

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Progression Of Data Tampering At GISS

As of 1999, NASA GISS showed the US in  fairly strong cooling trend since the 1930s. That didn’t suit the global warming agenda, so they have repeatedly cooled the pre-1960 years, and warmed the years after the 1960s – in … Continue reading

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Expert Forecasting

In 2011, NOAA issued a series of forecasts for Hurricane Irene. Every state on the East Coast was targeted for landfall at some point. When she did finally make landfall in New York as a tropical storm, they declared victory – … Continue reading

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Obama Is No Jimmy Carter

Faced with energy shortages caused by Middle Eastern despots, Jimmy Carter set out to develop American energy reserves, to protect the country and keep fuel prices down. I remember well, because I worked for him on oil shale development in western … Continue reading

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