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A Fast Start At NCDC

Our friends at the National Climatic Data Center are poised to break data tampering records again this year. Through January 28, they are fabricating more than 50% of their station data, with an average upwards adjustment of 1.0F These numbers … Continue reading

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Only One Thing Has Changed Since 1977

In 1977, the US had a spectacularly incompetent left wing president. It was cold and snowy in New York. Jerry Brown was governor of California, and they were facing a drought disaster The jet stream made Alaska warm, California dry and … Continue reading

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No, It Isn’t The TOBS Stupid

The TOBS adjustment did not change between the 1990’s USHCN V1 and the current V2. They can’t use Time Of Observation Bias as an excuse for this data tampering.

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Trenberth Demonstrates Again That He Is An Idiot

One particular graphic that was popular on the Web on Tuesday showed the average snow cover during December, January and February. It showed that snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere was about 45.5 million square kilometers — at least 1 … Continue reading

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More From The Whack-A-Doodle

This manipulated joke. Even fellow flat earthers laugh. @SteveSGoddard: Explain this animation pic.twitter.com/govyE8RARE @buckymclachlan — NotSheila (@NotSheilaGunn) January 29, 2015

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

These folks are complete whack-a-doodles

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Geoengineering With Nukes

The real US temperature graph above (not to be confused with the fraudulent one generated by NCDC) shows pretty clearly that the US is on a 70 year warming and cooling cycle, and that there is no reason to believe … Continue reading

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