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Look What Your SUV Did On This Date In 1935

04 Jan 1935 – WINTER HEAT WAVE IN BRITAIN  Experts say that the climate is much warmer now, and it is the hottest year ever.

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Avoid The Land Rush, Move to Antarctica Now

Experts say that one billion climate refugees will flee to Antarctica in the next 15 years. Climate change study predicts refugees fleeing into Antarctica – Telegraph why-antarctica-will-soon-be-the-ionlyi-place-to-live–literally-561947.html Summer temperatures are at their peak in Antarctica right now. A good time … Continue reading

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15 Years Since The UN Declared The North Pole To Be Ice-Free

Ages-Old Icecap at North Pole Is Now Liquid, Scientists Find – New York Times

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Katherine Hayhoe Explains

Decades ago, climate scientists predicted that rising global temperatures would lead to more severe and intense droughts due to combinations of increasing temperatures, decreasing precipitation, more evaporation, and a reduction in snow and ice packs. The effects of a warming … Continue reading

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