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What is Wrong With This Picture?

There should be crosshairs and two dead terrorists. Not a photo op.

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Progressives Vs. Sane People

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If They Only Had A Brain

If the Republican leadership had any brains, they would seize the initiative about shutting down Obama’s dictatorship. Make clear they will not put up with it Make clear that his executive actions are illegal Make clear weeks in advance that … Continue reading

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Still Waiting …

I have been waiting for five years for a response from the Rapid Response Team, six months for a response from @AskDrH, and couple of years for Mosher to tell me which one of the GISS versions is the golden … Continue reading

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Maybe Start With Something Smaller, Like A Bowling Ball?

President Barack Obama is unable to control a bowling ball, yet believes he controls the planet. “I refuse to condemn your generation and future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing.” – President Barack Obama, June 25, 2013 They used … Continue reading

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Time For Progressives To Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Minnesotans believe that fossil fuels are burning them up. Tonight they should turn their fossil fuels off, and save the planet.

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Move Em To Minnesota

Experts say that the poles are too hot for ice, Polar Bears and Penguins. The obvious solution is to move them to the Great Lakes.

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