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How USHCN Hides The Decline In US Temperatures

Bookmark this image. It is an important one. The animation below shows how USHCN turns a measured strong cooling trend since 1930, into a strong computer generated warming trend. USHCN2 uses a three step process to cool the past and … Continue reading

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1931 : Third Hottest Year In US History – Before The Data Was Tampered With

According to the thermometers in the USHCN database, 1931 was the third hottest year on record in the US – after 1921 and 1934. USHCN then adjusts 1931 temperatures downwards by a remarkable 2.51 degrees, before they publish it. The year … Continue reading

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Proof That We Need To Accept A Primitive Lifestyle And A Totalitarian World Government

Lots of comments coming from people pointing out the obvious to me. This summer has seen some hot weather in places, as well as thunderstorms, a tree blowing over in front of the Capitol Building,  and a 30 degree drop in Maryland … Continue reading

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Boris Listens To Piers – Forecasts Olympic Washout

Do you really want to know what the augur Corbyn foresees for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games? Brace yourselves. “We’re very confident that there will be a lot of rain – a deluge, really – during the entire Olympic … Continue reading

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USHCN Springtime Adjustments

A reader wrote : July 16, 2012 at 5:34 pm This got me interested to see what USHCN was doing to springtime temperatures.  The graph below is what NCDC reports. So I calculated the adjustments they did through 2011 vs. … Continue reading

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Hansen Correctly Identifies Himself As The Cause Of Global Warming

It’s Simple: Global Warming Is Causing the Extreme Weather – ABC News The human effects in the graph above are largely Hansen adjusting the data. As far as the natural forces go, Dr. “Super El Nino Hansen tells us every … Continue reading

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NOAA Tampered Data Vs. Raw Data

The graph below is the NOAA propaganda version, generated from massively adjusted temperatures. June 2012 National Overview | Supplemental Material | Warmest 12-month consecutive periods for the CONUS The next graph is what the actual USHCN thermometer data shows – … Continue reading

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Stillborn El Nino?

The 2012 El Nino is looking pretty sickly at this point. sst_anom.gif (800×600)

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Top Twenty USHCN2 12 Month periods

The USHCN2 “raw” monthly temperature data shows that the period ending June, 2012 is the hottest twelve month period on record in the US, beating 1934 by a little over 0.1 degrees. This may be bogus, because the 1930s USHCN2 monthly “raw” data is … Continue reading

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The 50 Hottest 12 Month Periods In Illinois History

Month Year Temperature 9 1921 56.604 5 1932 56.5879 12 1921 56.4855 6 1932 56.4764 8 1921 56.4331 2 1932 56.4313 8 1932 56.382 11 1921 56.3732 1 1932 56.3582 7 1932 56.3444 7 1921 56.2751 4 1932 56.187 10 … Continue reading

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