NOAA Tampered Data Vs. Raw Data

The graph below is the NOAA propaganda version, generated from massively adjusted temperatures.

June 2012 National Overview | Supplemental Material | Warmest 12-month consecutive periods for the CONUS

The next graph is what the actual USHCN thermometer data shows – a completely different story.

The recent data is upwards adjusted by 300% of the signal they are claiming to detect, indicating a signal to noise ratio of about 0.3 – i.e completely worthless data which no respectable scientist would use.

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3 Responses to NOAA Tampered Data Vs. Raw Data

  1. tomwys says:

    Hang onto your seat! This ride will get worse, much worse!

    For example, try to digest:

    Pay special attention to the intro, where you’ll find: “…scientific thinking on this issue has moved on and now it is widely accepted…”

    Guess what is now “widely accepted.”

  2. slimething says:

    how have UHI adjustments played into this? Shouldn’t it be increasing with time?

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