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2012 : The Year Of The Sea Level Scam

2012 will be remembered as the year when the primary focus of attention of the climate mafia was on sea level. It started with the amazing transformation of Envisat, which more than quadrupled its historical rise rate overnight – during the week before … Continue reading

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Sea Level Explained

My 15 year old just explained to me why all these moronic sea level studies are coming out right now.

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Some Back Of The Envelope Math To Show How Spectacularly Stupid The NRC Sea Level Study Is

The report, from the National Academy of Sciences, found that the impacts of melting ice and warming, expanding oceans will hit California harder because most of the state’s coast line is slowly sinking due to geological forces. Ocean levels south of … Continue reading

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Using Young People As Cannon Fodder

Senior citizens like myself have experienced climate for a long time, and know that it is constantly changing and that bad weather has happened since the dawn of time. That is why the old men behind the climate scam are … Continue reading

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1980 June-July Heatwave : Kansas City Over 100F 13 Out Of 15 days

Governor Bill Clinton declared an emergency as Arkansas highways melted. Experts tell us that there never was a bad heatwave in late June before. The Miami News – Google News Archive Search

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Time To Place Your Bets

Spain v. Italy Corinthians v. Juniors Queensland v. NSW Record low Arctic ice? Ice free Arctic v. Zwally

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May 1934 Temperature Reached 111 F In Iowa

Utter BS. In 1934, Iowa hit 111 degrees – at the end of May! 1934: What would become one of the hottest summers on record in Iowa began to intensify as a heat wave in the last three days of May … Continue reading

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The Four Hottest US Junes Occurred With CO2 Below 350 PPM

The hottest June in US history occurred in 1933 1933 72.3 1918 71.77 1994 71.76 1988 71.75 2002 71.7 CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES Climate Summary NBC Meteorologist Bill Karins said on Friday , “We’ve never really seen a heat wave like this in … Continue reading

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The Gillard Effect Sets In

10-Day Temperature Outlook With Oz in the deep freeze and experiencing record skiing conditions, Julia says it is time to pay the global warming tax which she promised not to create. Time is right for Australian carbon tax, says Gillard … Continue reading

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Recreational Opportunities In Alice Springs

Alice Springs offers cricket, football, baseball, swimming, golf … and GISSnastics. Based on the number of venues, it appears that cricket and GISSnastics are the most popular sports.

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