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USHCN Thermometer Data Shows No US Warming Since The Year 1900

The graph below plots the average temperature (by year)  of all valid daily maximum and daily minimum readings, for all USHCN stations since 1900. As you can see, there has been no warming in the US, and the three hottest years … Continue reading

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Heatwaves Were Much Worse Through Most Of US History

We are bombarded with statistics comparing the number of record lows to record highs, the number of record highs, etc. So I decided to look at what the actual numbers are in the USHCN database. The graph below shows the … Continue reading

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Sad Week For Alarmists

Our alarmist friends have been hoping for a return to the misery of the Dust Bowl, thinking that will somehow keep their funding coming in. The first problem they have is that the comparisons are absurd. The Dust Bowl saw … Continue reading

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Joe Romm On The Super-Drought In The UK

Joe is an equal opportunity neurotic, and does not confine his moronic forecasts to the US. Who is paying this guy to be wrong about everything? June was wettest since records began in 1910 You felt it in your bones, but now … Continue reading

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Dumber And Dumberer

Check out this prediction from last week on Jeff Master’s blog. The High Park fire will burn until winter Dr. Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog  Here in High Park Fire land, we have had about 25% of our average annual rainfall – just during … Continue reading

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