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Seth Back On Crack

If an iceberg calves in the Arctic, and no neurotic leftie sees it in a satellite image, does it still cause the world to end? By SETH BORENSTEIN WASHINGTON — An iceberg twice the size of Manhattan tore off one … Continue reading

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Twenty Hottest Six Month Periods In US History

Someone gave me a good laugh this morning here when they commented that the last six months was the “hottest in US history.” Weird, and I was thinking that would more likely happen during the summer. Here are the actual hottest six month … Continue reading

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More Spectacular Incompetence From GISS

GISS shows June anomalies north of 80N from 0-5 to 4C. They depend heavily on those large North Pole numbers to bring the global average up. Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis A couple of minor problems. It is impossible to … Continue reading

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Bell Rings – Drool

Almost everyone believes that the earth has warmed over the last 80 years. The reason we believe that is because the same people who have been tampering with the US data set tell us that the planet has warmed over the last 80 years. … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi Show Parallels To The 1950s, And Tells Us What to Expect Looking Forward

Guest post by Joe Bastardi ————————————————- The Way it Is: Back to the  50s. In  2006 , I loudly proclaimed on national outlets that we were going back to the  1950s  as far as the climate pattern went  and that  … Continue reading

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GISS Continues To Plummet Below Scenario C

GISS June is out. Year to date average is 0.50, which would place 2012 as the second lowest year since 2004 if the year finished there. The graph below shows the five year running mean of GISS  in red, with … Continue reading

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Who Would Want To Exaggerate The Drought?


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Shock News : “FIRE and drought is threatening to create a new dust bowl in the US”

10 Nov 1952 – Dust Bowl Danger

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Spare Me The BS

Someone was on here earlier trying to claim that the large adjustments I am seeing are due to not properly adjusting for areal distribution. What a load of crap – the USHCN stations are intentionally distributed fairly evenly and the same patterns are seen … Continue reading

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Zen Logic Quiz

Point 1 : Salon finally figures out that liberals are miserable, and conservatives are happy. Conservatism makes you happy Conservatives enjoy life more than liberals. Why left-leaning people should take the “happiness gap” seriously BY CHRIS MOONEY In general, political … Continue reading

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