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Martin Hoerling Needs To Check His Facts

“. . . [Presently] we’re breaking high temperature records much more frequently than by chance. And, by some estimates, the ratio of that exceedance of breaking highs compared to what you would expect by chance would lead to us say … Continue reading

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99 Years Ago Today : Worst Heatwave In History – 134 Degrees In California

During the week of July 8 through July 14, 1913,  high temperatures averaged 129 degrees at Greenland Ranch, California.  On July 10 the temperature reached 134 degrees. docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/050/mwr-050-01-0010.pdf August, 1913 also had the hottest daytime temperatures in Oklahoma history, with … Continue reading

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NOAA : Using Garbage Data To Prove A Garbage Theory

NOAA claims that Oklahoma during July 2011 was the “hottest month in US history.” Turns out it wasn’t even the hottest July in Oklahoma history. The raw data shows that both July 1936 and July 1956 were hotter than July … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Record Maximums In Sharp Decline Since The 1930s

http://cdiac.ornl.gov/ftp/ushcn_daily/state34_OK.txt.gz The two biggest years for Oklahoma all-time record maximum temperatures were 1936 and 1956. By contrast, 2011 was not much above average. All years which share a record maximum get counted in the graph above, so there is no bias … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Temperatures – Worse Than It Seems

Like almost all the other states, USHCN has been progressively cooling the past and warming the present. This allows them to turn an inconvenient cooling trend into a warming trend. 2011 has more than three degrees added on to it. … Continue reading

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More Heavy Rain For The Permanent Drought

Intellicast – Weekly Precipitation in United States

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The Great Oklahoma Fraud Of 2011

Last year we were told that Oklahoma was the hottest place ever recorded in the US. It turns out that the raw USHCN data for Oklahoma shows that it was the fifth coldest year on record, and that record maximums didn’t even … Continue reading

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Texas 2011 Revisited

The mass media hysteria about Texas in 2011 was absurd. Average temperatures didn’t rank in the top ten. The number of record maximums dis not match 1925. Normalized by the number of measurements, record maximums in Texas are in sharp decline.

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One Year Anniversary Of The Andrew Dessler Permanent Drought In Texas

One year ago today, Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M University declared that Texas was in a permanent drought and heatwave. Get used to it. The weather of the 21st century will be very much like the hot and dry weather of 2011. Giving extra credibility … Continue reading

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Dumberer And Dumbererer

Yesterday, after I posted the US temperature record graphs, a number of geniuses started accusing me of calculating incremental records – i.e. during year one, every station sets a record on every day, etc. Just for fun, I did that … Continue reading

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