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Joe Bastardi Weighs In On The Watts-Muller Scuffle

Guest post by Joe Bastardi ——————————————————————————— My take on the  Muller- Watts situation. 1) Mullers niche was to sound at times skeptical of all this,so he trashed Manns study,making people say see.That leaves him to grab the reigns and appear … Continue reading

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GHCN Is Catastrophically Bad Data

The GHCN US database has all the telltale signs of being complete garbage.  Check out these graphs. The 1930s never existed. Now compare vs. the raw USHCN data, which show the 1930s as being the hottest decade. The divergence between GHCN US stations and … Continue reading

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New Reference Page

Your one stop shopping page for US Government climate data tampering http://realclimate.science/data-tampering-at-ushcngiss/

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Being Too Conservative?

I think Anthony’s paper was very conservative. USHCN data tampering is much worse than he  indicated.  By messing with the data, the USHCN trend since 1930 is actually reversed from a measured cooling trend – to a warming trend.

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Preparing For The Big NCDC July Fraud Event

The climate history deniers at NCDC are about to defile US history and announce that July was the hottest ever in the US – despite the fact that July, 1936 was much hotter. docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/064/mwr-064-07-c1.pdf Compare the area of above normal temperatures Deviation … Continue reading

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Alarmist Mental Health Report Card : F–

During the last two weeks they went hysterical over a cyclical event which happens every 153 years in Greenland, and a claim by a “former skeptic” who told Huffington Post last year that he never was a skeptic. Bottom line – … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather Update : July Was The Quietest On Record For Both Hurricanes And Tornadoes

SUMMERTIME, AND THE TWISTERS ARE MISSIN’ JULY HEADS FOR A RECORD-LOW TORNADO COUNT Bob Henson | July 24, 2012 • Heat and drought are punishing much of the United States right now, but there’s actually some good weather news to … Continue reading

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Airport Vs. Non-Airport US GHCN Stations Indicates UHI Contamination

The GHCN US temperature record shows a large divergence between temperatures taken at airports, and those taken at the rest of the stations. This is most likely due to the introduction of pavement. The first airplane flight was in 1903, so we can … Continue reading

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