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USHCN Code Released

My USHCN code is available here as a zip file. Once you unzip it you will see these files. Main.cpp  Makefile  USHCN.cpp  USHCN.exe  USHCN.h USHCN.exe is a Windows executable. Makefile is a Gnu makefile. If you aren’t a C++/STL programmer, you … Continue reading

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GISS Would Show No US Temperature Trend Without The USHCN Adjustments

USHCN daily data : us.txt.gz GISS US:  data data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/graphs_v3/Fig.D.txt Current NCDC data : CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES Climate Summary The graph above plots published GISS US temperature anomalies, minus the difference between published USHCN temperatures and their raw data (scaled for centigrade of course.) … Continue reading

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USHCN Busted : Their Adjustments Are Much Larger Than They Advertise

USHCN advertises that they cheat by 0.6F, but it is much worse than it seems. ts.ushcn_anom25_diffs_urb-raw_pg.gif (650×502) This is heinous enough, but I started thinking about it and realized that it doesn’t make any sense. We have seen hundreds of … Continue reading

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Why We Should Never Question The Consensus Of Experts

I get messages posted here all the time by people calling me ignorant – for questioning a list of authorities who are happy to receive large quantities of global warming research money. What kind of evil person would question authority? After all, 97% of National Socialist … Continue reading

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US Drought Monitor : Living In The Past

No change in Colorado/New Mexico/Georgia drought conditions over the past week, despite huge amounts of rain. This site was featured prominently by Al Gore this week. US Drought Monitor Intellicast – Weekly Precipitation in United States

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Weather Channel : UK Summer To Be A Scorcher – Especially The First Half

21 May 2012 Forecasters predict barbecue summer to rival 2003 But the good news continued as long-range forecasters predicted a baking summer comparable with 2003 – which saw Britain’s all-time record 38.5C (101.3F) temperature – and 2006, the hottest on … Continue reading

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Slowest Fire Season Since 2003

The press is hysterical about forest fires this year, but the National Interagency Fire center shows that 2012 has had the fewest fires from January 1 through July 11 of any year since 2003. There have been half as many … Continue reading

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1854 : Disastrous Drought And Fires From The Arctic To Mexico

15 Dec 1854 – ENGLISH AND EUROPEAN NEWS. h/t to Ivan

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1892 : Disastrous Drought In Mexico – 2012 : Disastrous Superstition In The US

10 May 1892 – DROUGHT IN MEXICO. Widespread Destitution. LONDO… Twitter / billmckibben: savage drought in n. mexic h/t to Ivan

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The Odds Against Hansen Being Right – Three Hundred Billion Billion Billion Billion To One

GISS trends have been below Hansen’s Scenario C (the “zero emissions after the year 2000” scenario ) for 168 months in a row. The odds of this happening by chance are 2^168 or 3.4028236692093846346337460743177e+38 to one.

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