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Another Bad Day For Drought Doomsayers

Intellicast – Weekly Precipitation in United States Heavy rain continues to pummel much of the drought area.

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Hiding The Decline In Texas

The raw USHCN data from Texas shows a decline of nearly half a degree since 1930. Fortunately, NCDC was able to stop this unpleasant cooling trend by simply altering the data. There were quite a few years warmer than 2012 prior … Continue reading

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Raising Arizona

The average of all measured USHCN temperature data in Arizona shows a long term cooling trend, with recent years being among the coolest on record. A cooling trend just didn’t fit the story line of permanent southwest heat and drought, … Continue reading

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Global Warming Ends Abruptly

A couple of days ago we were told that global warming was determined by the temperature in the eastern half of the US.  Using the new found wisdom which has been imparted on us, we can safely state that global … Continue reading

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Can Heavy Rain Cure The Hayhoe/Dessler Intellectual Drought?

The torrential rain which has been falling in Colorado is spreading into West Texas, on the one year anniversary of Dessler declaring the permanent Texas drought. Will the rain clear out their minds, and convince them to stop spreading nonsense for a … Continue reading

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1921 – The Hottest Year In US History

According to the measured temperature data from USHCN, 1921 was the hottest year in US history. There were 654,134 temperature measurements taken that year around the country – and according to James Hansen every single one of them was incorrect and needed to … Continue reading

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Eight Inches Of Rain At The Permanent Fire Drought

The press is still babbling mindlessly about the fires and permanent drought  in Colorado, while some places have received 60% of the normal annual rainfall during the last week. I tried riding my bike to Safeway before, but the water was running up over a bridge … Continue reading

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Alarmists – Please Stop Being Idiots

A comment from Anthony’s blog Paul K2 says: July 8, 2012 at 6:45 pm Thank goodness there are at least some people here who can spot the mathematical mistake in this post from Real-Science dot blog, so I don’t have to … Continue reading

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Greenland July Meltdown Continues At -19C


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