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Smoking Gun For UHI In California

The summers of 1917 and 1931 had the second and third hottest maximum temperatures in California, but all of the top three summer average minimums occurred during the past decade. Urbanization is making nighttime temperatures warmer – an inconvenient fact … Continue reading

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“Ice-Free Arctic” Means The Area Of Texas And California

The new definition of “ice-free” is about the size of Texas and California combined – one million km² In other words, they are admitting that an ice-free Arctic isn’t going to happen.

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The US Has No Weather Data Prior To 1950

“The summer of 2012 is on pace to finish third hottest on the list of 62 summers since 1950,” said Steven Root, a meteorologist with WeatherBank Inc. “But it is still in the running for number two or one.” U.S. … Continue reading

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Censored At Huffington Post

I wrote a polite response to this idiotic article, pointing out that there are no large fires in Colorado, that we had record snowpack last winter (2011) , that the Colorado Springs Fire Chief  said Waldo Canyon was a disaster waiting to happen, as well as … Continue reading

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Shock News : Climate Gone Crazy – Greenland Melting

18 Jul 1953 – What’s got into our seasons? THE MAIL RESEARCH B…

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US Drought Monitor : US Worse Than The Dust Bowl!

The US Drought Monitor now shows that almost the entire country is moderate drought or worse, which would make it the worst drought in the history of the US. Millions of Okies are no doubt on their way to California … Continue reading

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The New York Times New Normal : Hysterical Climate Superstition

It has been well over 100 years since the phenomenon called thegreenhouse effect was identified, 24 years since the steamy summer of ’88, when many of us first took notice, and, incredibly, 15 years since the Kyoto Protocol. That agreement stipulated that signatories … Continue reading

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McKibben – Scared Of His Own Shadow

You can’t make this stuff up Twitter / billmckibben: Extreme Greenland heat has … Then he links to this on Neven’s site In Greenland, it has been very hot over the inland ice in comparison to normal conditions. On July … Continue reading

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Why Are US Scientists Lying About Sea Level?

Two reports came out recently making wildly inaccurate claims about sea level. The first claimed that sea level was going to rise 12 inches in California over the next twenty years. Yet satellites show that sea level has been falling in California for the past … Continue reading

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Plan Your Antarctic Weekend Getaway Now

Weather Forecast Vostok, Antarctica | Vostok Weather | Wunderground

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