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This Is What Global Warming Looks Like

Australia is of course not as big as Washington DC, and definitely not part of the globe. 10-Day Temperature Outlook

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99% Of Greenland Melt Events Happened With CO2 Below 350 PPM

According to NASA, Greenland melt events happen every 153 years, which means they have no correlation to  CO2. It also means that alarmists trying to blame the event on CO2 are being as stupid as they always are.   lawdome.smooth75.gif (792×612)

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The Elephant In The Room

There is clearly a much bigger story with James Holmes. He was under the guidance of the University of Colorado studying “temporal illusion” – and the judge has issued a gag order on anyone discussing the case. There was a time when … Continue reading

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Shock News : Greenland Glaciers “nearing catastrophe”

06 May 1940 – Greenland’s Climate Becoming Milder

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NASA’s Jay Zwally Does The Dirty Cherry Picking Deed

Jay Zwally (of ice-free Arctic in 2012 fame) is back at it. Look at what he told Fox News : NASA chief cryospheric scientist H. Jay Zwally told FoxNews.com that the melting has been increasing as the temperatures in Greenland … Continue reading

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The Dust Bowl Vs. The Ice Age

According to USHCN raw daily data, January 1930 to December 1939 was the hottest decade in US history, and averaged 54.02 degrees F. By contrast, the 120 months from March 1976 to February 1985 was the coldest ten year period … Continue reading

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Man Made Hurricane Seasons

There has been very little change in the number of hurricanes over the last 50 years, but the number of named storms has doubled.   Also the ratio of named storms to hurricanes has increased by nearly 50%. By naming more clouds, … Continue reading

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Cherry Picking Season Has Arrived In Greenland

NASA is obsessed with three or four of hours when temperatures got barely above freezing. summit:status:weather Someone parked their golf cart on the green again. summit:status:webcam

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Dr. Seuss Told Joe Romm That Republicans Plan To Destroy All The Forests In The West

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Thirty Seconds To Becoming More Knowledgable Than A NASA Expert

This is what melting ice in Greenland looks like. There is a 100 mile wide strip on the southwest coast of Greenland which is covered with dirt and soot and is melting. It does this ever summer. //ARCTIC.IO/OBSERVATIONS/8/2012-07-25/Greenland The rest … Continue reading

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