Boris Listens To Piers – Forecasts Olympic Washout

Do you really want to know what the augur Corbyn foresees for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games? Brace yourselves. “We’re very confident that there will be a lot of rain – a deluge, really – during the entire Olympic period, and we are 80 per cent sure that the Opening Ceremony itself will feature heavy rain, including hail and thunder.”

To avoid the Olympic weather forecast, please look away now – Telegraph

Boris used to be a warmist – apparently the  near 100% failure rate of the Met Office has turned his head.

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5 Responses to Boris Listens To Piers – Forecasts Olympic Washout

  1. John B., M.D. says:

    Is Piers Corbyn an AGW proponent or skeptic? Just asking.

  2. DC Andy says:

    Climate change for London might mean a warm, sunny day once in awhile, which would destroy London’s position as a leading world city (sarc.)

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