Obama Iran Deal Explained

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18 Responses to Obama Iran Deal Explained

  1. gator69 says:

    And we thought a pressure cooker and fireworks caused suffering. Obama needs to be cuffed and flown to Gitmo.

  2. gator69 says:

    The mouthpiece of the mouthpiece of the TOTUS says we will draw a line in the sand, and then another, and another, and another, until Iran is satisfied that we are not serious.

  3. Michael Spurrier says:

    Hi Steve, maybe you could start another blog called Real Politics then we can choose whether we want to read about science or politics particularly as your approach to each seems very different – one fact based and one based on your own belief system.
    I think the work you do on climate is immense.



  4. Michael Spurrier says:

    Being left in moderation while others get printed seems like passive censorship – if that’s the case I wonder if you really believe in freedom of speech, after what happened on Twitter I would have hoped you did and I sent several tweets to them on your behalf………

  5. Michael Spurrier says:

    Don’t worry I take it as a compliment – you must think its a strong argument or you would have published it and let others shoot it down……… I’m sure you see the hypocrisy. I’m not a nut case or an Iran sympathizer but like to explore the truth – just an average everyday guy from the UK.

  6. Thomas Englert says:

    Mr. Higgins (maybe constrained by tweet length) could have added “Tell the world that the US President lied to Americans about the details of the plan by saying that sanctions will be lifted gradually as Iran curtails their nuclear program as verified by international monitoring.”

  7. sabretoothed says:

    Iran already has nukes

  8. Michael Spurrier says:

    Disappointed after reading all your great quotes about freedom of speech when you were taken off Twitter that you have left me in moderation as censorship and I have to assume its because you didn’t like my post as it contained material opposed to your point of view an article from the BBC and also one from Veterans Today so not really even my points of view and not extreme in anyway………the jack boot seems to fit the other foot. I do hope you remember this in your search for the truth….all the best, Michael.
    PS no point in publishing now as people have moved on to other topics……

    • Smokey says:

      Michael Spurrier,

      You presume too much. WordPress often shunts comments into their Spam folder for no apparent reason. Sometimes we can figure out what word or phrase triggered it, and sometimes it’s a complete mystery.

      You also expect Steve to drop everything and promptly take your comment out of moderation. Why? People have to do things, you know: go shopping, earn a living, get a haircut, etc.

      If your comments consist of truth, they will remain true whether they’re posted immediately or not. And if they’re not factual, then it doesn’t matter to the rest of us.

      You get published here. Be happy about that. Because if you were like me and others trying to make a (very polite) comment on Hot Whopper, or some of the other alarmist blogs, there’s a good chance your comment would never get published at all.

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