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Experts Say That Ocean Acidification Killed Flying Insects

Scientists are warning CO2 is being emitted into the atmosphere today at a comparable rate to the amount released millions of years ago which caused the biggest extinction event in the history of the planet. Around 90% of marine life … Continue reading

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Real Scientists Keep Their Minds Open, And Learn

Freeman Dyson has followed the same path as myself, going from true believer in 1979 to skeptic in 2015. In 1953, Freeman Dyson told his graduate students at Cornell that Quantum Mechanics is well understood settled science In 1979, Freeman … Continue reading

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Michael Mann “There is a very well funded disinformation campaign”

Michael Mann says that unfunded skeptics with no ties to any industry are the best financed corporate disinformation campaign in history. Listen to this clip I filmed at the opening of Merchants of Doubt next to the White House. These well … Continue reading

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Defiling The Prophet

Seven years ago, prophet Barack Obama established the first doctor’s office in the US, the first good jobs in the US, healed the planet, slowed the rise of the seas – and he promised to tell his children about it … Continue reading

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HR 141352 : The Concentrated Organic Solar Energy Reform Act Of 2015

Coal is simply beautiful, highly concentrated, organic solar energy. Call Jenny today!  867-5309

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Plan B – Shoot Themselves In The Foot

The climate scamsters have known for about a decade that the global warming scam was going to collapse, so they developed a Plan B – ocean acidification. This would allow them to continue their destruction of the energy infrastructure, even … Continue reading

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