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Completely Implausible Deniability

1. Step one. Make up fake surface data, and claim hottest year ever. 2. Step two, ignore more accurate satellite data, which shows that you are lying. 3. Step three, announce that the contradictory satellite data confirms the fake surface data.

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Divestment Works!

Bill McKibben’s divestment program has brought his home state of Vermont their coldest year on record so far. Without fossil fuels, Vermonters would have cut down and burned millions of trees this winter to stay warm. According to President Obama, … Continue reading

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I’m A 97% True Believer!

The key to creating consensus is to ask really stupid questions http://tigger.uic.edu/~pdoran/012009_Doran_final.pdf There is no question that temperatures have warmed since the Little Ice Age. There is no question that human urbanization and human data tampering has increased the mean … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Global Warming Theory Is Dead

Radiative transfer models show that adding more CO2 to the atmosphere doesn’t have much affect on temperature, so Hansen made up a psychotic theory of positive feedbacks, which were going to push the Earth past a “tipping point.” The most … Continue reading

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“You Can’t Have Your Own Set Of Facts”

Barack Obama lives in a world of make believe facts, which he basically pulls out from where the sun never shines. Then he tells others that his lies are the only acceptable facts. He promised to lower health care costs by … Continue reading

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The Death Spiral Flatlines

Early this year, government agencies began projecting what their next big Arctic lie was going to be, and one month ago it became official. Arctic sea ice reaches lowest maximum extent on record | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis A … Continue reading

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What Progressives Want

Progressives want government out of the bedroom, and into your entire house, your head, your shower, your Internet, your thermostat, your refrigerator, your kids, your speech, your rights, your car, your schools, your office, your expression, your soul, your very essence, … Continue reading

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Hold The Death – Hold The Spiral

We are watching a death spiral in the Arctic, only without the death or the spiral part

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