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Antarctica Record Heat Update

A few days ago, experts reported record heat in Antarctica based on a few hours of downslope winds at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. They attributed this to global warming.

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One Year Since Senator Whitehouse Announced That Winters Are Getting Shorter

It has been one year since Rhode Island Senator Whitehouse announced that winters are getting shorter, and that pipelines generate more CO2 than transporting oil by rail. https://www.rimed.org/rimedicaljournal/2014/05/2014-05-60-news-whitehouse-climate.pdf Senator Whitehouse is very angry at climate change deniers who ignore scientific … Continue reading

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Climate Control At The White House

President Obama plans to take full control of the global climate, right after he figures out how to operate an umbrella. h/t Dave Stealey

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Disappearing Great Lakes Ice

Experts say that ice is rapidly disappearing on the Great Lakes due to global warming, and will soon disappear forever. Lake Superior has increased water temperatures and an earlier onset of summer stratification by about two weeks in just the … Continue reading

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Hiding The Decline At NCDC And NASA

.Fifteen years ago, government scientists were unhappy that the US was cooling and wrecking their theory, so they simply altered the data in a series of steps – to turn cooling into warming. in the U.S. there has been little … Continue reading

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Erasing The Unanimous Consensus

Fifty years ago, there was unanimous consensus that the planet was getting colder. SCIENTISTS AGREE WORLD IS COLDER – – NYTimes.com This cooling didn’t suit the political agenda of the White House, so NASA simply made it disappear.

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45 Years Since Top Scientists Warned That Fossil Fuels Would Cause A New Ice Age

45 years ago, scientists wanted to ban fossil fuels to prevent a new ice age and flooding of coastal cities. http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/

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Large Increase In Snow And Ice Since 2006

The usual criminals in the press corps are claiming that Arctic ice is rapidly disappearing, and at a record low extent. Satellite imagery shows that there is a lot more ice and snow than there was in 2006. (Note that … Continue reading

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Nine Years Since The New York Times Announced The Endless Summer

Nine years ago, The New York Times announced that your SUV brought endless summer to Long Island, and was killing Polar Bears gardens alone can’t save the polar bears, or all the other species that could vanish. Only a radical … Continue reading

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