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More Flagrant Lies From Climate Scientists

Climate science has gone 100% veracity free. Desperate to keep their scam funding alive, there seems to be no limit on how dishonest scientists will get.   New study finds strong link between weather extremes, global warming – Nation – The … Continue reading

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Why Baltimore Matters

The destruction of Baltimore provides an opportunity for the black community to stop blaming white people, and take responsibility. Because Baltimore City is two-thirds black, and is run by black people. I was listening to NPR yesterday, and they were trying to … Continue reading

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Northeast US Having Its Coldest Year On Record

President Obama is trying to convince lawmakers in Washington DC that they are overheating, as they are living through the coldest start to a year on record. YearTDeptNRCC.png (688×531) The average temperature anomaly (before government data tampering) is the coldest … Continue reading

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Response Time Of Climate Scientists Identified

Seven years ago, I wrote this article in The Register Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered • The Register Walt Meier and Mark Death Spiral Serreze got hysterical over this and started trashing “breathtakingly ignorant” me all over the Internet. … Continue reading

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