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NCDC Hiding The Decline In US Temperatures By Data Tampering

US thermometer data used by the National Climatic Data Center, shows that afternoon temperatures have dropped sharply over the past 95 years. This doesn’t suit their global warming agenda or funding needs, so they simply alter the data to make the … Continue reading

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Global Warming Is A Religion

Freeman Dyson (whom the New York Times describes as “infinitely smart”) says global warming is a religion Freeman Dyson: By the Book – NYTimes.com The head of the IPCC agrees.

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More Problems At The Greenland Country Club

After a long 18 holes, all these guys wanted was a cold beer, only to find the clubhouse buried under deep desert sand – as desertification turns Greenland white.

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Scientists Grant Earth Another 15 Year Reprieve!

Scientists warn that we are about to pass a global warming tipping point. While we may not yet have reached the “point of no return”—when no amount of cutbacks on greenhouse gas emissions will save us from potentially catastrophic global warming—climate … Continue reading

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CU Fails To Stop Global Warming

The regents of the University of Colorado failed to vote to stop global warming, and were immediately punished by another overheated atmosphere blizzard Students were very angry about this, and stepped out of their fossil fuel powered dormitory,  after taking … Continue reading

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