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Climate Jihad

Neither the radical climate religion nor the radical Islam religion tolerate any dissent or blasphemy against their prophets. Both believe that the world depends on everyone else believing the same mindless nonsense that they do. If we start aggressively reducing carbon … Continue reading

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Temperature Data Tampering For Propaganda Purposes Vs. Actual Science

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Obama Takes On Asthma

President Obama believes that a lurch towards massive government control of our lives will reduce asthma Riding bicycles will reduce carbon pollution US air was much cleaner when Malia was four years old in 2002, than when her father was four years … Continue reading

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The Mighty Hashtag Vs. The JV Team

The White House didn’t get the girls back, but they did block that scary Canadian oil – and agree to let China double their CO2 emissions.

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Herding The Flock With Five Second Lies

Arctic ice is at a record low Glaciers are melting faster than ever Sea level is rising faster than ever The world is heating faster than ever The IRS targeted liberal groups too The Middle East is making progress Net … Continue reading

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Electing Math And Science Morons – Has Consequences

Hundreds of thousands out of hundreds of millions? That is 0.1%. This genius just made a deal with China to let them double their emissions by 2030. China will produce more CO2 than the rest of the world combined. Any action … Continue reading

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President Makes An Urgent Request To The NSA

The president says he won’t rest until he finds out who the moron was that made that deal with Iran and Russia last week.

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Reader Quiz

One of these two men individuals is commander in chief of the world’s most powerful military.

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The 97% Consensus

In 1915, Einstein published the General Theory of Relativity. The 97% consensus soundly rejected it – like they do with almost all significant progress in science.

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