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We Are Just 90 Days Away From Fundamentally Transforming Climate Science

Barack Obama has made his way through life by ignoring experts, and breaking existing paradigms. Had he listened to expert opinions, he wouldn’t be president. He really doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Except when it comes to these people, … Continue reading

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Reading Thermometers Is Hard

In the 1970’s, back when NASA was putting men on the moon – they simply didn’t know how to read thermometers correctly. Scientists thought that 1970 was cooler than 1900, and there was a big spike at 1940 – followed by rapid cooling. … Continue reading

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Ready For Hillary!

Hillary has demonstrated great investment savvy. She could erase the national debt overnight. Business | Hillary Clinton Invested $1,000, Netted $100,000 Through Trading | Seattle Times Newspaper

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Men – Destroying The Climate For 10,000 Years

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Experts Say That Buying Oil From ISIS Will Reduce Asthma

SCIENCE! Obama timed his announcement to the most recent USGCRP draft assessment on climate change and public health (which is still open to public comment, if any of “comment activists” want to take their skepticism somewhere productive). While it’s not … Continue reading

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NCDC US Temperature Fraud Update

Thermometers show that the US has been cooling for 80 years, since the very hot years of the 1930’s This cooling trend is unacceptable for their theory, funding and political needs, so NCDC simply alters the data to make it look … Continue reading

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