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Planet Destroying Aircraft On Earth Day

The Mt Vernon Bike Trail goes right past the end of the runway at Reagan National Airport. There is a park there and people sit at the end of the runway and watch the planes take off. The runway faces … Continue reading

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Celebrating 50 Years Of Progressive Rule In The UK

  London  1967                                                       London 2015 Progressive policies are destroying everything we value. They … Continue reading

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Gun Free Maryland

Three times in the past year I have heard gunfire in my near vicinity in Columbia, MD. Including Friday night riding my bike to the gym. I heard six rounds go off no more than 100 yards away from me. A … Continue reading

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Plan Your Northwest Passage Voyage Today

Four meter thick ice in the Beaufort Sea should be no problem at all.

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Twenty Years Since The Oklahoma City Bombing

April 19, 1995 was one of the worst days in modern US history.

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It Must Have Been Spring – But It’s Over Now

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Susanna’s Question Answered

In 1988, Susanna Hoffs asked if the heat was an eternal flame. James Hansen testified before Congress that summer, sabotaged the air conditioner, and said that it was. pubs.giss.nasa.gov/docs/1988/1988_Hansen_etal.pdf 1988 was the last hot summer in much of the US, … Continue reading

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Russia Sells Missiles To Iran – Kerry Heads To The Arctic

After creating complete chaos in the Middle East and accelerating Iran’s nuclear weapons development – John Kerry is off to save the Arctic. Washington – Secretary of State John Kerry will visit the Arctic Circle next week for key ministerial talks on … Continue reading

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Excellent News From Earth Day

Much to my surprise, another reprieve for the planet was announced at Earth Day. They gave us 15 more years to solve the carbon pollution problem. This surprised me, because I thought we had already run out of climate reprieves – … Continue reading

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