1948 – Scientists Wanted To Nuke Antarctica To Speed Up Melting

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Iran could help out in this effort.

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8 Responses to 1948 – Scientists Wanted To Nuke Antarctica To Speed Up Melting

  1. gator69 says:

    Iran could help out in this effort.

    Only if their ICBM guidance system fails.

  2. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Steven. You are now getting very close to the start of “The Great Social Experiment of 1945-2015,” initiated by Stalin’s capture of Japan’s atomic bomb plant in Aug 1945 and retention of crew from an American B-29 bomber for negotiations in Aug-Sept 1945 before forming the UN in Oct 1945.

  3. ren says:

    11 people voluntarily decides to close for 3 months in a small space yacht. This goes to the coldest sea world, where the average surface water temperature is -1 ° C! For most of the year is chained ice and cold winds blowing here katabatyczne (winds bleeds from the interior of the continent), the strength of up to 200 km / h, giving rise to a deep and heavy storms niżom then wandering towards the Straits of Drake. The place where they form a giant table icebergs. The world was founded in 1955, had an area of Belgium.
    Ross Sea is difficult to access even for large ships. You can only sail after him for about six weeks a year during brief Antarctic summer but then may suddenly freeze. Barrier of the surrounding ice pack usually opens in January, although experienced years when not opened at all.
    Polish champions.

  4. JGlanton says:

    I think that it brings fresh clams

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