Nothing Which A Little Data Tampering Can’t Fix

According to NCDC, March was the hottest on record in the US.


Contiguous U.S., Temperature, March 1895-2012

The actual thermometers said that 1910 was hotter, but that isn’t important.

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3 Responses to Nothing Which A Little Data Tampering Can’t Fix

  1. Sundance says:

    I was nosing around in the HadCRUT3V data looking for the 22 year correlation between the latest NASA water vapor data showing no increase and the global temps over the last 22 years. 1990 full year global temp anomaly was +.248 degC and YTD in 2012 is +.249 and I guess that +.001 increase is all the proof some people need to claim it is causing extreme weather. 🙂

    In those same 22 years I checked the CO2 increase which is roughly 39 PPM which on a Log basis is a 15% increase towards a doubling of CO2 expected warming or +.45 degC. Again I guess +.001 is close enough to +.45 degC for those committed to extremism that weren’t in the class in the video below. 🙂

  2. Andy DC says:

    If that is all the warming that there has been in the last 120 years, it is an obvious non-event.

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    These climate clowns are unparalleled bullshit artists. Speaking of “Bullshit Artists,” I’m happy to see others using the epithet, like blogger Tex Arcane’s post with the headline: IPCC Confesses To Entire World They Are Lying, Deceitful Bullsh*t Artists.

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