Lying Is The New Norm For Climate Reporting

Find out if your house will be underwater by 2100

We all know sea levels are rising — since 1880, global sea levels have risen by about 8 inches, and the rate of rise is increasing every year — but what sort of effect can we expect these increases to have on our day-to-day lives?

Find out if your house will be underwater by 2100

This is complete nonsense. Tide gauges show no increase in rise rates, and the IPCC forecasts only 18-59 cm rise by 2100. Nobody’s house is going to be underwater. These people are fraudsters and should be held to task for it.

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13 Responses to Lying Is The New Norm For Climate Reporting

  1. At some point there has to eventually be a connection between the data and the colourful speculations.

  2. Eric Webb says:

    Wow, these people are idiots, clearly, the “rate of rise” isn’t rising, but it’s staying the same which is why it looks linear, not exponential.

  3. gofer says:

    Krugman has a NY TImes article on global warming, “The Conscious of a Liberal”. 126 comments and only 1 is evenly slightly critical. I’ll see if they post my comment. The comments illustrates “group think”. It can be summed up as the “Republicans, big oil, corporations are destroying the earth and they don’t care as long as they can make money.” It’s depressing to see, seemingly intelligent, people just parrot absolute lies and everything they’ve heard in passing. I doubt one single person has ever bothered to check anything because it’s a constant “appeal to authority.” I guess some people need a sense of doom to motivate them or else their lives are so boring and problem-free, they have time to “save the earth” from the evil profiteers, the 1%.

    Amazing, that even though 97% of all scientists agree, every article, such as this one, bases the information on what “Hansen” says. It’s always Hansen. You’d think they could come up with a couple others out of the vast numbers making up the consensus.

    I always ask the same question, what was the weather like before 1988 and we never had extreme weather until after that date? If you get an answer, it’s always that “extreme weather is happening more frequently.” Which, according to their own charts is not true. This is about the point “denier” is thrown out. Checkmate.

    • If the dozen or so key “consensus” scientists (heaven forbid) went down in a plane crash on their way back from a junket in French Polynesia, the media would be almost bereft of anyone quotable on this topic.

  4. Mariana Torres says:

    Oh Drat not again! (we had so much hope for 0 ice) sad to be an alarmist these days as my dreams are all shattered once again hahahah

  5. klem says:

    I looked at Wikipedia and it says that the earths oceans have risen an average of 6mm per year for the last 20,000 years.

    In other words, rising ocean level is not evidence of climate CHANGE as much as it is evidence of climate permanence.

  6. Laurence Crossen says:

    How could the satellite data agree with the tide gauges unless they were “corrected”?

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