McKibben Follow-Up

Last week, McKibben was whining about drought in Northern Mexico

Twitter / billmckibben: savage drought in n. mexic

They bounce around from one neurotic fear to another. It is pathetic.

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7 Responses to McKibben Follow-Up

  1. gofer says:

    It just keeps raining on his parade.

  2. You mean like this:

  3. johnmcguire says:

    Why do people still listen to that senseless twit? He has never been right about anything. Oh , maybe no one listens to him but his masters and they keep him around for his brown nosed ways.

    • Eric Webb says:

      Speaking of Masters…. he is probably one of the few people who actually pays attention and actually believes what Mckibben says.

  4. alf says:

    steve I am a farmer and have a vested interest in crop conditions. A few years ago I began to follow global drought conditions to see if I could somehow hedge against growing grain prices. I found that the information on the internet was wildly misleading. Does the same apply to the drought in the US? I have seen a few accounts which still say that the corn crop in the US will not be abnormally low but listening to most news reports one would think that a disaster is imminent. I think that the increasing grain prices are more related to the 40 percent of the corn crop going to ethanol production. Yet the increase in grain prices are primarily related to the drought as far as the news in concerned.

    what is your take on this?

  5. Brian G Valentine says:

    i uze twtr alla time i have lotsa imortnt thngsta say to alla my illitrite frnds

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