Another Smoking GISS/USHCN Nuke

In my previous GISS/USHCN post I reconstructed what current GISS US should look like by calculating the USHCN yearly adjustments and subtracting them from the current GISS data. I came up with this.

Then I remembered that John Daly saved off a version of GISS US temperatures in 1999.

The graph below plots 1999 GISS  and my reconstructed GISS

Bingo, we have a pretty good match!. This proves that the post 2000 USHCN adjustments are much larger (more than 200%) than they are publishing. Game over. They show 0.5F, when the real adjustments are closer to 1.2F

The graph below shows the difference between my GISS reconstruction and the 1999 published data. You can see that they were already cooling the past in 1999

But nothing like they are now!

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11 Responses to Another Smoking GISS/USHCN Nuke

  1. Henry Spencer says:


  2. John B., M.D. says:

    “GISS Current Minus GISS 1999” looks like a hockey stick, albeit a mirror image.

  3. Don Gaddes says:

    Too bad for the Climate Shysters the Trees cant be ‘bought.’ They (with Deep Ice Cores etc,) continue to provide incontrovertible evidence for what actually happened – and is happening.

  4. Brian D says:

    Glad I jogged your memory on the John Daly link in the Steve M. 2007 post (unless it was just coincidence). Good data to have. Too many magic tricks going on. Time to expose this ruse with facts instead of just harping about it. Good job, Steven!

  5. Mi Cro says:

    I’ve been studying the the difference between how much the daily temp goes up during the day, minus how much it falls during the night a number of blogs on it are here
    Actual measured surface temperatures do not show the modern warming to be anything special.

  6. Traitor In Chief says:

    Awareness must arrive at the place where the (every) GOP congressman can confidently call this fraud a fraud. The perpetrators have gone so long now with the illusion of credibility. The enemy can’t be defeated if he isn’t called into the open and confronted.

    This site should be required reading for all GOP members of congress.

  7. Is there any way we can get a FOI on NOAA to supply a list of US temps before and after adjustments?

  8. wealthychef says:

    So, am I the only one here that does not understand that GISS/USHCN means? It would be great if you could explain this a bit for laypeople. Or at least put in a link to your previous post that you reference.

  9. Rud Istvan says:

    Great analysis. I have been writing a book on a related subject, only using climate change as a culminating example. You nailed it. See partial contributory analyses at complementary blog Climate Etc.

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