Bill Nye Displays His Ignorance On CNN

We have enormous fires in Colorado. We had tornadoes in Michigan and Brooklyn. We had a 30-degree temperature drop in Maryland and Virginia this weekend, in just – in a half-hour. These are consistent with climate models –

CNN Anchor Tells Bill Nye He’s Losing to Conservatives ‘Politicizing’ the Climate |

Actually, we don’t have any large fires in Colorado, it is pouring rain here. We had fires over the last few weeks which burned several hundred houses – that were built in places that naturally burn every 20-30 years. The fires were small compared to historical fires like the one in 1898.

Tornadoes happen everywhere east of the Rockies.

On January 10, 1911  – the temperature dropped 49 degrees in 15 minutes in Rapid City, South Dakota. That is what happens when a cold air mass moves in.

Did the climate also turn Bill into a newt, or Newt into a Nancy?

h/t to Marc Morano and Tom Nelson

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35 Responses to Bill Nye Displays His Ignorance On CNN

  1. Eric Webb says:

    I still can’t believe they feed this kind of propaganda to our children, through “Bill Nye the Science Guy” videos, absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Eric Webb says:

    No wonder CNN sucks, according to Nielsen Cable TV Ratings, CNN’s have fallen to a 21 year low. Hahaha

  3. tckev says:

    He’s a committed green propagandist with lots of powerful contacts. He needs to be defused from influencing so many kids. Maybe Blair Tindall could help?

  4. slp says:

    Let me get this straight. Weather is not climate, except when it is.

  5. Jason Calley says:

    Hey Bill Nye! You call THAT a temperature change?! Now THIS is a temperature change!

    “Spearfish holds the world record for the fastest temperature change. On January 22, 1943 at about 7:30 a.m. MST, the temperature in Spearfish was -4°F (-20°C). The Chinook wind picked up speed rapidly, and two minutes later (7:32 a.m.) the temperature was +45°F (+7°C) above zero. The 49°F (27°C) rise in two minutes set a world record that still holds. By 9:00 a.m., the temperature had risen to 54°F (12°C). Suddenly, the chinook died down and the temperature tumbled back to -4°F (-20°C). The 58°F (32°C) drop took only 27 minutes.”,_South_Dakota

    An old acquaintance of mine was there. He said the temperature changed so quickly that the glass in the shop windows shattered and popped out of the frames.

  6. jimash1 says:

    “We have enormous fires in Colorado. We had tornadoes in Michigan and Brooklyn. We had a 30-degree temperature drop in Maryland and Virginia this weekend, in just – in a half-hour. These are consistent with climate models –”

    I am pretty sure that climate models do not model anything that can happen in half an hour.

  7. Chuck L says:

    “We have enormous fires in Colorado. We had tornadoes in Michigan and Brooklyn. We had a 30-degree temperature drop in Maryland and Virginia this weekend, in just – in a half-hour. These are consistent with climate models” Nye is a serial moron, “Consistent with climate models,” just incredible. Had the 30 degree drop continued for 10 hours, it would have reached Absolute Zero 🙂

    • Jason Calley says:

      “Had the 30 degree drop continued for 10 hours, it would have reached Absolute Zero”

      Hold on a moment…let me check something.

      Yes, yes! We can make a model like that. When do you want to have the press conference about it?

  8. johnmcguire says:

    Hey, a little apple history for you. On November 11, 1940 a cold storm moved across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas, and even a little south of those areas and the temperature dropped 65 degrees in a day and a half to -5 degrees. Because the apple trees had not yet achieved winter dormancy they were killed. The next spring all the red delicious and northern spy apple trees across that huge area were killed , thousands and thousands of trees. There were many other varieties affected but the devastation to those two was almost total.

  9. Justa Joe says:

    Bill Nye comes well recommended by his pal, Ed Begley Jr, so he is an authority on climate.

    It would be interesting if Bill Nye could actually produce “data” from a model that that correlated with the incidents that he descibed.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Bill Nye and Ed Begley — both of them moderately successful in their field. And what, exactly, is their field? They are actors. Their field is what we as children used to call “playing pretend.” You know, “Let’s pretend we are spacemen, and that bike is a rocket ship! When I point my finger like this, that means it is a ray gun!”

      That is what they do professionally, and they are very good at it. They can do “let’s pretend” without even thinking.

  10. DC Andy says:

    You mean that until “climate change” took place we never had a fire or a 30 degree temperature drop due to a summer thunderstorm? What planet is this guy living on?

  11. Traitor In Chief says:

    Bastardi spun circles around Nye on an interview they shared on Fox. Nye is a nitwit with a bowtie. A mentally challenged version of Pee Wee Herman.

  12. All of this proves one thing–people have very little, if any, ability to remember the past. Maybe we should work on fixing that? Maybe a mandatory DVD to reference when some moron on TV says “This is the worst _______ in history”?

  13. bill says:

    it’s pouring rain in colorado?! i live in colorado and i can tell you that it is absolutely, positively NOT pouring rain here.

  14. Widely scattered. Maps don’t show widely scattered.

    • I live three miles from the High Park Fire. They have had two flash flood warnings in the past week in the burn area due to heavy rain. The radar maps are quite accurate. and there is heavy rain forecast for the next week at least.

  15. I guess the words “estimated precipitation” threw me for a moment. So it has been raining three miles from the High Park Fire and there is a prediction for more. As for the remainder of the state and individual residences, we shall have to see if Bill is experiencing any different weather, which appears to be the case.

  16. Me says:

    Bill Nye and his Bow tie was on again this morning, Sputtering something about Higgs Boson and turn the topic in climate BS! LMAO!

  17. graphicconception says:

    I went to bed at 10 o’clock last night.

    That is entirely consistent with every known climate model …
    … but how many of them could have predicted it?

  18. Just to clarify my skepticism on rainfall, I was in town this morning and it poured rain. When I returned home, 10 miles outside of town, there had been no rainfall at all. It was not clear to me how a map could show such a difference. Perhaps I am just used to rain falling in very scattered areas.

  19. Climate Change is real says:

    Dear Interwebs,

    Please rid of us of these idiots who are STILL turning a blind eye to Accelerated Climate Change. You don’t need models to look at historical data and trends. I don’t even care if it’s man made or not and in my opinion we have definitely contributed it to it being the selfish parasitic creatures we are, however “Times they are a Changin'” and we absolutely need to stop sitting on our damn laurels. This year alone I’ve witnessed more hailstorms in my region than I have seen in my entire life time. Cloud patterns have become more erratic around all the areas I am accustom, yet nothing is happening? All you have to do is look up every now and then.

    • What do you remember from the 1930s?

      • Climate Change is real says:

        The Dust Bowl of course, which was caused by cooler than average sea surface temperatures over the Pacific ocean with a slightly warmer than average Atlantic ocean which in turn changed the upper level steering currents (jet stream). This change prevented the usual evaporation over Gulf of Mexico region from dropping rain on the mid-western states. See El Nino and El Nina for other examples of what changes in Pacific sea surface temperatures affect in global climate.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      Seven years of undocumented perceptions in a limited locale = what is happening over the entire Earth for the past hundred years.

      This is why anybody with ten cents worth of ability to think get so exasperated with these people. There is nothing that can be done with these people, only ignore them. They are incapable of reasoning anything out, and their gullibility makes them the worst victims of scam artists

      • I’m pretty sure she said, “my entire lifetime”. But since people like her wake up every day thinking that the Creation occurred the night before, seven years is probably a safe outer bound.

    • Please provide data that shows humans are parasites on the planet earth. It was my understanding that either God made humans or evolution did, or lacking those two, we are aliens from another place. I suppose the last one could make us parasites, or if evolution is correct, we are really successful parasites, but we need more than labeling humans parasites to actually call that particular possibility scientific. (If you are arguing religion, I think you are in the wrong place.)

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