Polar Bear Attack Proves That They Are Going Extinct

The population has tripled, indicating that they are doomed.

Endgame for polar bears as Arctic habitat melts away
Gavin Haines

Polar bears face decimation because of the warming planet

The recent polar bear attack in Norway is the latest reminder that time is running out for these iconic mammals, with runaway climate change and habitat loss.


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4 Responses to Polar Bear Attack Proves That They Are Going Extinct

  1. Bill Pounder says:

    Bundy Bear has managed to adapt:

  2. Richard A says:

    “To view the rest of this article – you must be a paying subscriber and Login” …the ecologist

    LOL…. Why would you pay to read such conclusive unscientific diatribe?

  3. Stef says:

    “Polar bears face decimation because of the warming planet”

    Oh no!!!! They will be culled by 10% thanks to Global Warming!!!

    Doesn’t that still leave a lot of polar bears? Around 90% perhaps? How is that the ‘endgame’ for polar bears? If anything, it is good news as there will be more food for the remaining 90%

  4. Banatu says:

    Polar bears think little of hunting and eating humans. Anyone who has spent any time in the arctic knows this.

    Hence the ‘polar bear shark cages’ all over:

    Usually they just eat natives though, so it only makes news if it’s particularly brutal. That is, if the attack is even reported to ‘authorities’ at all. Getting ‘authorities’ involved usually means bad things for natives regardless of the subject matter. Man-eating bears are the lesser evil. What does that tell ya?

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