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“The demise of Irene has already begun.”

Less than 24 hours ago Romm promised us that Manhattan would drown. Obama runs back to the golf links of the south. The hype over Hurricane Irene is overblown, predicts the CEO of Advanced Forecasting Corporation. “North of Delaware, most … Continue reading

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Working For The Evil Empire

When the Soviet Union collapsed, thousands of Russian nuclear scientists were put out of work. President Bush was urged to hire them to keep them out of trouble, but of course the US government always thinks it is more cost … Continue reading

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A Fake Scientist At NASA

March 29, 2006 James Hansen, Makiko Sato, Reto Ruedy, Ken Lo, David Lea and Martin Medina-Elizalde SUPER EL NINO IN 2006-2007?  We suggest that an El Nino is likely to originate in 2006 and that there is a good chance … Continue reading

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Flight 587

Ten years ago American Flight 587 hit Belle Harbor in Queens. This year it is Mayor Bloomberg and the Irene Dance Troupe.

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Bloomberg Orders Grandma Out

When I was little kid, I used to hang out here in the summer. All the houses have two or three floors. God forbid people might have to go upstairs for an hour. NEW YORK (AP) — Nearly 300,000 people … Continue reading

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Ice-Free Arctic Defined

Julienne gave her definition of an ice-free Arctic today. I do believe the Arctic will likely be ice-free (less than 1 million sq-km) during my lifetime. http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com 1,000,000 km² is about 17,200 (pre-2008) Manhattans.

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You Are Not Rowing And It Is Not The North Pole

http://rowtothepole.com/latest-news/ The crew has made the magnificent achievement of rowing 500 miles through Arctic waters. It is normal for Arctic pack ice to retreat each summer. What has become most striking in recent years is the accelerated rate of summer … Continue reading

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Another Junk Science Icon Shot Down

Jon Huntsman prides himself in trusting all alarmist scientist’s tripe. Study on global plant die-off faces questions By Kerry Sheridan (AFP) – 19 hours ago WASHINGTON — A study on plant productivity that said drought and global warming were killing off plants … Continue reading

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A Real Scientist At NOAA

Kudos to Klaus Wolter, who has said consistently all year that he expected another La Nina this autumn. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of NOAA. http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/psd/enso/mei/

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1914 Shock News : Climate Change – World Drying Up!


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