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Shock News : Ice Shelf Breakups Are Mechanical

GREENBELT, Md., Aug. 8 (UPI) — The tsunami from the March earthquake in Japan had impacts across the world, causing the calving of icebergs a hemisphere away in Antarctica, researchers say. The finding is the first direct observation of such … Continue reading

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Investors Give Thumbs Up To Obama Speech

The main US share index, the Dow Jones, has plummeted 5.6%, despite US President Barack Obama moving to try to reassure investors. In points terms, the Dow ended down 635 to 10,810, its biggest one-day decline since October 2008, and … Continue reading

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Record Heat, Hurricanes And Frogs

http://www.hprcc.unl.edu/products/maps/acis/YearTDeptUS.png Just because America has experienced 9,000 heat records broken in 2011 so far is no evidence whatsoever that climate change is occurring or global warming is real. The fact that the world is experiencing record heat, colder winters, increased … Continue reading

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NOAA : Solar Storm May Destroy Civilization As We Know It

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a federal agency that focuses on the condition of the oceans and atmosphere, said that a severe solar storm could cause global chaos, wreck satellite communications and take down the most important power … Continue reading

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July, 1936 : 118 Degrees In Missouri – 311 Deaths In 10 Days


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St. Louis Writer Can’t Count To 177

Climate change is real, mankind has contributed to it and, in a year in which extreme weather patterns have led to countless deaths, the role of climate change is a question worth researching. No matter how you slice it, it’s … Continue reading

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1847 : Climate Change In Australia Caused By White Men

That great changes have taken place in the climate of Australia all testimonies satisfactorily prove The aborigines say that the climate has undergone this change since white-man came in country. http://trove.nla.gov.au/

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1945 : Climate Engineering – Better Than A Nuclear Bomb!


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1862-64 – Hungary Devastated Flood, Famine And Drought

http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/31834140? h/t to Ivan

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Phase Diagram Quiz

I’ve been dealing with alarmist chemistry flunkies since I started writing, so time to start educating them. Assume equilibrium. What is the vapor pressure of water at the surface of a lake at 0C? What phases of water exist at … Continue reading

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