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August, 1911 : This Guy Stole The Mona Lisa

In 1911 Vincenzo Peruggia perpetrated what has been described as the greatest art theft of the 20th century. The former Louvre worker hid inside the museum on Sunday, August 20, knowing that the museum would be closed the following day. … Continue reading

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Lots Of Wiggle Room

“Arctic sea-ice decline is perhaps the best evidence around that something truly unusual is happening to our climate,” Ted Scambos, another NSIDC scientist, said in an e- mail. “Historical records and changes in high Arctic coastal areas that have been … Continue reading

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More Stupidity From NASA

August 6, 2011 2:29 PM EDT [MUST READ] Scientists: We Live in a Bubble Inside a “Multiverse” Dark lines discovered on Mars by a search algorithm shows indications of flowing water on the surface.  The discovery announced by NASA officials … Continue reading

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2009 Flashback

 December 21, 2009 Mr. Obama campaigned as a centrist who would bring bipartisanship and responsibility to Washington. Instead, we have seen him lead a year of irresponsible spending and wildly increasing government intrusion in the lives of Americans. Mr. Obama … Continue reading

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Obama Blames His Three Year Long Borrowing And Spending Spree On The US

August 06, 2011 Obama: US ‘Must Do Better’ After Credit Downgrade http://www.voanews.com/ No matter how many speeches he makes, the conclusion is clear: Obama’s greatest failure is spending America into enormous deficits, and being clueless about how to get the … Continue reading

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Obama Is Not A Jimmy Carter

Carter was capable of taking responsibility for his failures. “The responsibility is fully my own.” Carter said http://news.google.com/newspapers

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Romer said we’re “pretty darn f–ked”

Christina Romer, the former chair of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers on Friday offered a rather strong opinion concerning the announcement by Standard & Poor’s that the credit rating agency downgraded America’s debt to AA+. Appearing on HBO’s “Real Time,” … Continue reading

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Liquid CO2 On Mars? Pleeeezzzz …

How Similar is Water On Mars To Water On Earth? New evidence suggesting the existence of water flowing on Mars indicates the possibility for life to exist on the Red Planet. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have taken images and videos … Continue reading

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Images Of Climate Change In 1900

http://www.loc.gov/pictures/resource/cph.3b19254/ http://www.loc.gov/pictures/resource/cph.3b33747/

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Gavin : Paleo Data Trumps Observations – Except When They Give The Wrong Answer

Reader “Independent” raises a good point. Gavin complains that he prefers paleo data over satellite observations, yet the hockey stick was created by throwing out the inconvenient paleo data and replacing it with observations. Why are these jokers still being … Continue reading

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