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1956-1957 : Extreme Drought In Texas

From September 1956 to January 1957, all of Texas suffered extreme drought. At no time during  2011 has the entire state been listed as being under extreme drought.  

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Shock News For Grist : Texas Has Been Very Dry In The Past

http://trove.nla.gov.au/ h/t to Ivan

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Ongoing Devastation At The Petermann Glacier

August 22, 2010                                     August 23, 2011 Last year the press got hysterical about a chunk of ice which fractured off a glacier in Greenland. As you can see, the devastation is equally as bad as last year.

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There Was No Ice Age Scare In The 1970s

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Joe D’Aleo And Joe Bastardi Forecast Serious Damage To NY And New England

HURRICANE WARNING! PLEASE READ IMMEDIATELY Serious Damage Projected for N.Y. and New England From our Weather Advisor’s Joe D’Aleo, Art Horn and Joe Bastardi, this is likely to be the worst hurricane this century for the Northeast. Please take appropriate … Continue reading

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Is Michelle Proud Of America Now?

With most Americans struggling to make ends meet, first lady Michelle Obama has blown a whopping $10 MILLION in taxpayer money on ritzy vacations in the past year alone! “Michelle is taking advantage of her privileged position while most hardwork­ing … Continue reading

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No Increase In Major Hurricane Strikes

http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/pastdec.shtml The three decades from 1931 to 1960 had by far the most major hurricanes.

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Grist : Texas Turning Into A Gigantic Desert

Hey, you know what’s wild about Texas turning into a gigantic desert thanks to climate change? I mean besides the fact that this makes it basically Kuwait-on-the-Rio-Grande? Many of the state’s power plants, which rely on fresh water to produce … Continue reading

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NSF Gives The Thumbs Up To Hiding The Decline

In science, if you don’t like the data – simply throw it away and blame it on human interference in the climate.

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They Have Always Been With Us

Alien invasions do have their upside however ….

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