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Aggie Joke : Dessler Has A Plan To End The Drought In Texas

 “I certainly don’t think that praying will hurt. My concern is that the governor has no Plan B. If praying doesn’t work, what then? If we don’t start taking reasonable steps to protect ourselves soon, then I will indeed be … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic Mr. Mannering

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2008 : Hillary Gives A Secret Hand Signal To Barack

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Michelle : Proud Of America – For The First Time

Barack is the first American to ever do anything good! (Except for Bill Ayers)

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Ike Brought “Certain Death”

The last hurricane to hit the US was Ike, in 2008. The NWS warned that anyone who didn’t evacuate faced “certain death.” “All neighborhoods … and possibly entire coastal communities … will be inundated during the period of peak storm … Continue reading

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Triple Digits – Time For A Ride Up A 15% Grade Into The Hills

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Hansen 1988 : More Category Five Hurricanes!

For example, you’ll see a Level 5 hurricane instead of a Level 4. http://dir.salon.com/ Good call Jim. The last category five hurricane to hit the US was Andrew in 1992.

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Devastating Fire Season In Oregon

Fires in Oregon have burned 387 acres this year, which is less than 2% of normal for the date. Fire statistics These statistics are for the 16 million acres of forestland protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry. Fires by … Continue reading

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Shock News : Japan Hit By Dozens Of Earthquakes This Month!

http://www.iris.edu/servlet/eventserver/map.do Just like every other month.

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Trust The Scientists


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