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Meltwater On Mars

http://www.latimes.com/ http://news.cnet.com/2300-19514_3-10008896.html

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Dana Carvey as George Bush Sr.

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Shock News : Julia Lied

THE carbon tax will inflate electricity prices by up to $200 a year more than Julia Gillard promised, demolishing claims her compensation package would ensure most people were hardly affected. A NSW Treasury review into the carbon tax ordered by … Continue reading

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Shock News : Cyclists Suspected Of Doping

The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) has summoned Lampre-ISD team leader Damiano Cunego and team manager Giuseppe Saronni for questioning as they continue to investigate alleged doping offences after as a consequence of the police investigation centred on a Mantova pharmacy. Cunego, … Continue reading

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Out Of Electricity : Wind Not Blowing In Texas

Texas is the US leader in wind power, when the wind blows. (Reuters) – The Texas power grid operator has scrambled this week to meet soaring electricity demand in the face of a brutal heat wave, and residents of the … Continue reading

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Without A Carbon Tax, Australia Will Lose All Of Its Snow

In mid-July, as Prime Minister Gillard began to stump the countryside selling her carbon package, a conference at the University of Melbourne considered the prospect of climate policy failure For three days, scientists, bureaucrats and members of the public examined … Continue reading

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99 44/100% Sure

Climate scientists are sure that they understand the climate, except for every couple of weeks when they admit that they underestimated the effects of aerosols, solar cycles, Methane, Ozone, clouds, soot, jet contrails, cow farts, ocean currents, ocean salinity ……..

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“I’m A Jimmy Carter”

One of my favorite SNL skits was after George HW Bush (Dana Carvey) lost his reelection bid, and was complaining about being another Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately I can’t find it on YouTube. Looks like we have a new Jimmy Carter. … Continue reading

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Current Ratio Of Named Storms To Hurricanes

In 2005, the ratio was 2:1. In 2011, the ratio is NaN.

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Gigantic Sea Shells At 1,000 PPM

It was hot, with high CO2 levels during the Triassic. Yet shellfish were huge. Dr. Chicken Little tells us that sea shells dissolve at 500 ppm.

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