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Norway Predator Tragedies

Norway suffered two tragedies during the last month involving predators killing teenagers. Both could have been avoided had the kids been properly trained in the use of rifles, and had rifles available. $69.95 for the rifle. $0.25 each for the … Continue reading

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Huntsman Hoping To Take The Republican Party Down Along With His Train Wreck Candidacy

Ticking off criticisms, Huntsman said Obama is too liberal and the Republican candidates are too far right and have “zero substance.” He described former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper, who previously opposed a flat tax. Huntsman, who’s lagging … Continue reading

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1953 Tornado Killed 89 In New England


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Chris Christie Warns That Palm Trees No Longer Grow In Antarctica

In vetoing a bill (S2946) that would have required New Jersey to stay in a regional program intended to curb greenhouse gases — a program Christie plans to leave by the end of the year — the governor said “climate … Continue reading

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USA Today : Global Warming To Make High Tides More Common


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1950 Shock News : Climate Change – World Getting Hot

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1949 : Scientist Proposed Melting Antarctica With Nukes


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1885 : Senate Bill 727 – Melt The Arctic To Improve The Climate


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1910 Shock News : Glaciers Calving Icebergs Into The Ocean


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1912 Plan To Melt The Arctic And Improve The Quality Of Life On Earth

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