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Pikas Fighting Their Way Up Through The Snow

Pikas understand that they are supposed to den at higher elevations – due to some Bristlecone Pine tree is Siberia. However, there was just too much snow this year. Maybe they can move up next year.

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Big Rock Naming Week

Harvey, Irene, Jose, Katia …..

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Explaining The Runaway Greenhouse Effect On Venus

Venus has an optically thick atmosphere which reflects most of the sunlight near the top. Very little sunlight actually makes it to the surface of the planet. But the little bit of sunlight which does make it to the surface … Continue reading

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The First Law Of Climate Historectomy

Artifacts trapped under ice prove that it was always colder in the past. Farmers in Greenland used to raise crops underneath the ice.

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The Second Law Of Climodumbnamics

2. CO2 traps heat in the atmosphere making the temperature get hotter and hotter. More energy comes into the atmosphere than leaves it.

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The First Law Of Climodumbnamics

Ice can only melt if the temperature is rising. Melting glaciers prove that the temperature is going up

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Ancient Coloradoans Were Very Short And Lived Underneath The Ice

Preserved artifacts found in melting ice patches along the Rockies As global warming increases, icy tombs that preserved these artifacts are now melting and emerging from the ice. Pieces of animal remains, Native American baskets, and clothing are among the … Continue reading

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Will Hansen Pay This Guy Back?

Heading for the Hills: Spanish Winemakers Adapt to Global Warming Today, Torres is preparing once again for an uncertain future, not because of war but because of global warming, which is threatening his industry. This time, the investment isn’t across … Continue reading

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Since When Does The Press Hate Whistleblowers?

Any scientist who blows the whistle on the CAGW scam is ignored (or worse) by the press. Sad state of affairs for journalism, who are complicit.

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Chicago Tribune Got It Right In 1934

h/t to Dave G

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