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Polar Bear Attack Was Due To Broken Teeth

Environmentalists say the attack was due to global warming. Apparently CO2 causes broken teeth. A polar bear which killed a British teenager in Norway earlier this month was probably excessively aggressive because he had toothache, a veterinarian has claimed. Speaking … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Attack Proves That They Are Going Extinct

The population has tripled, indicating that they are doomed. Endgame for polar bears as Arctic habitat melts away Gavin Haines Polar bears face decimation because of the warming planet The recent polar bear attack in Norway is the latest reminder … Continue reading

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“Colder Than Average Winter 2011-12 Forecast For Ireland And UK”

Yet another long range forecasting agency has pinned its colours to the mast by predicting a colder than average winter 2011-12 across Ireland and the United Kingdom. UK-based Positive Weather Solutions says the winter months will be colder than average … Continue reading

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Half Of Northern Ireland In Fuel Poverty – Thousands Predicted To Die

. They don’t need electricity. Obama’s global warming will keep them cozy all winter. Over 350,000 households across Northern Ireland could be left in fuel poverty when Power NI increases prices by almost 20%, it has been warned. With over … Continue reading

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Hayhoe Says Texas Winters Getting Warmer

Hayhoe: winter temperatures are increasing in nearly every station we look at across Texas http://www.guardian.co.uk/ Right ……. Right ….  

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Cooling The Past In Key West

USHCN has turned no trend (red) in maximum temperatures into a strong warming trend (blue) – through the magic of data of adjustments. They subtract almost four degrees from 1950 measured temperatures, two degrees from the 1960s and 1970s, one … Continue reading

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When The West Side Highway Was Underwater

In 1660, lower Manhattan was much smaller. It was called New Amsterdam, Wall Street had a wall, and Water Street was on the water. http://wapedia.mobi/en/Manhattan Superimposed on modern Manhattan The tide gauge at lower Manhattan is placed on fill dirt, … Continue reading

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World’s Southernmost Tide Guage Shows No Change In Sea Level


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World’s Northernmost Tide Gauge Shows No Change In Sea Level


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EPA : Glacial Loss Started In 1960

http://epa.gov/climatechange/indicators/pdfs/CI-snow-and-ice.pdf No mention that Alaska and Norway lost half their glacial mass in the first half of the 20th century.

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