You Must Make Sacrifices For The Good Of The Planet

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25 Responses to You Must Make Sacrifices For The Good Of The Planet

  1. Al Gored says:

    “Prince Charles yesterday urged the world to follow Islamic ‘spiritual principles’ in order to protect the environment.

    In an hour-long speech, the heir to the throne argued that man’s destruction of the world was contrary to the scriptures of all religions – but particularly those of Islam.”

    Long live the Queen!

  2. Brian G Valentine says:

    I’m not sure who makes me feel more sick to look at – this boob of a “Prince” or Al Gore.

    It’s about a tie I suppose; and both fashioned their previously purposeless lives around the same hoax in attempt to make themselves “relevant.”

  3. dmmcmah says:

    Another one of the elites who wants US to sacrifice for the good of the planet while they continue to fly around in private jets and live in mansions.

  4. A K Haart says:

    He’s all for harmony – unless you disagree with him of course.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      The blog author’s thesis is that, this proves that “global warmism isn’t watermelon Communism”

      That’s a pretty pretty good “proof” he’s ginned up, isn’t it

      • Ben Pile says:

        I’m ‘ginned up’, or Charles is?

        Either way, it’s not proof of anything. It’s a disproof of the watermelon thesis. A scientist should know the difference.

        My suggestion is that sceptics should work harder than they do to understand environmentalism’s political character. The red=green theory is as damaging to progress in the climate debate as the idea that it divides between ‘scientists’ and ‘deniers’. It divides the debate into categories that simply do not hold. You end up fighting ghosts.

      • Justa Joe says:

        Russia & China go around arming Islamists with AK-47’s. What does that prove? Just because 2 seemingly contridictory philiosophies converge in one particular area doesn’t prove much. There is no political philosophy or religion that is in favor of destroying the environment. The notion that capitalism is destructive to the Earth is lefty BS.

  5. TinyCO2 says:

    I think we should make sacrifices for the planet. I’ll give you three guesses who.

  6. Adam Selene says:

    Truly, a monumental mental midget…

  7. PJB says:

    The Prince of Whales, right?

  8. Scarlet Pumpernickel says:
  9. Wayne Ward (truthsword) says:

    I can only say to these guys, true leaders lead by example… What? Don’t wanna give up the summer houses and the stable of motor cars? Heh.

    • Me says:

      When the Al Gores and the like does a ghandi maybe.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      Give the guy credit, will ya? He spent about a million pounds of British taxpayer money converting the Royal Train to a 100% bio-diesel fueled engine. (The only one of its kind.)

      He attempted the same idiotic stunt with an RAF helicopter; the military wouldn’t let him

  10. Blade says:

    Two prophets of the Church of AGW Scientology …

    Algore and Princess Charles.

    You just can’t make this stuff up!

  11. John Silver says:

    So, where are the guillotines?

  12. It’s what you’d expect from someone whose full-time job is waiting for his mother to die.

  13. Gator says:

    Does he write about giving up the royal residences for apartment living in a transition town? I’m dying to know!

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